Control your teams character with up to 14 other people on one controller!

Then, with good team coordination, fight your opponents characters to the death!

Every character is controlled by one PS3 controller.

Each button on the controller controls one part of your teams character.


Every team has one team captain.

The team captain's job is to tell everyone what to do.

In the normal game mode for T1FG everyone on each controller except for the team captains will be blindfolded.

Being a team captain in T1FG makes you use everyone in your team as the controller.

Creating a whole new gameplay experience.


Having everyone only be in charge of one button makes T1FG very easy to learn and means almost anyone can choose a button and be a part of the action!


T1FG is very dynamic, depending on the number of players and the environment you play in will influence the way the game plays!

Minimum Requirements:


• 2 - Playstation 3 controllers


• A working computer


• A few of your good friends


• A nice open space

To Have an Ultra Fun Time:


• 4 - Playstation 3 controllers!


• A working computer!


• A large TV (as your computer monitor)!


• 56 people!


• A very large open space!

To Have a Good Time:


• 4 - Playstation 3 controllers


• A working computer


• At least 20 people


• A good size open space

That One Fighting Game

A 56 player local fighting game.

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