A community will work together to grow and shape a tree to be their own over the course of a few days or weeks!


Anyone can approach T.R.E.E. while

it's on display, and help shape or grow the current community tree.

The environment of the game will be impacted by the way the community treats and shapes the tree.


For instance, a tree may be growing in a city and if the community treats the tree badly the city will suffer around it. But if the tree is treated well, the city will thrive.

The whole time T.R.E.E. is being showcased, it will never be turned off or reset!


For instance, 20 people could all play T.R.E.E. at different times during a showcase, but they would all be working on the same tree. Thus creating a whole new community experience!

You don't have to have a community to play T.R.E.E.!

You'll be able to play T.R.E.E. by yourself with friends or even your pet owl!


A Continuous, Community Driven, Art, Development Game.

Grow and Shape a Tree

Dynamic Environments

A Continuos Game

Shape Your Own Tree


Currently in development for

iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux

It’s always 6 O’Clock

Have any questions?